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Let Me Say Thank You

We all come across a  people whose love and support can never be compensated no matter how much we do for them and it is not about the amount of help they do, it is about the time when no one else but them was there for you. It is so bad that we never even think of compensating and the worst is that we never find out some moments in life to say them thank you for what they did for you.


It’s possible that your relation with that person has been changed but don’t forget it’s not about the person they are it is about the person they used to be and sometimes merely some words of gratitude may bring the things back that you never thought you could ever have.


I understand, many a times it is not you but your ego in other words your pseudo-self esteem stops you to be thankful and they way it keeps you thankless forever and ever.


Please write your name, place, what you do and your gratitude for the person you want to say thank you. Remember! It may be a very small that you thought you could do anytime but may be it was the only thing they have been waiting every time. Thank you for thinking to pay back who never claimed of anything they have given to you.


Have A Good Day,

Suveen Kumar

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Suveen Quotes

1. If you think you have made most of everything then you should have best of everything!

2. Everybody has a question that they want to ask; but only the ones who listen to, get the answers.

3. You know you have become famous when people want to know you.

4. A bad day from a bad mood is a matter of result but a bad mood from a bad day is a matter of choice.

5. Sometimes peace is not remaining unchanged but changing along with the change.

6. If you couldn’t get the pleasure of having it then you are away from the pain of losing it.

7. While you remember what you can’t do; you must not forget what you can.

8. The only way to get protected from your weaknesses is to transform them into your Strengths.

9. Start listening to your heart when everyone stops listening to you.

10. The true meaning of a job is to serve and a true service is when it doesn’t feel like a job while you serve.

11. Pain tells you the importance of the important things in your life.

12. Pain is not a good feeling; but there is no good feeling without pain.

13. The time we waste on unwanted things, is the only time that keep us away from the wanted things.

14. We generally tend to waste others time but end up wasting ours.

15. It’s funny that we want our special ones to give all of their attention on us and yet we want them to remain special for everyone.

16. Mind is a perfect personalized device but you need to learn how to operate it, so that you can anytime connect it and separate it.

17. Having innocence and being innocent are two different things.

18. Yes it is hard to trust people because it is easy for people to change.

19. Don’t hate me for who you have made me!

20. The time you spent wishing for things could be utilized working for things.

21. People accept God privatively; but they ignore him publicly.

22. People who are selfish have everything except people in their lives.

23. Love is to trust someone; when you already know that they are going to betray you.

24. I didn’t know what to do! When I overlooked you I lost you; when I kept you close I lost myself.

25. Some people are divinely designed; they will always respond you nicely no matter how harshly you act.

26. Sometimes the best way to make someone fool is; to stay a fool!

27. Don’t let anyone stare you like that; you are just a wanderer not a loser.

28. Anyone who seeks a permanent love will never compromise with anything less than God.

29. If you ever think that it doesn’t matter either you are honest or dishonest then may be because you don’t think enough.

30. Less is more than enough for your need but even more is less for your greed.

31. The whole universe can believe you one day but the start has to start from you.

32. When sound follows the rules it becomes music and when it doesn’t, it becomes noise

33. People are power; if you have them you have everything.

34. A man without patience is a patient.

35. Someone said “I missed you” I said “what a coincidence I missed myself too”.

36. Living is natural but how naturally you live is a matter of wisdom.

37. You never learned how to live your life if all you could buy in your life is death. You never learned how to live the life if all you could earn is sin. You never learned how to live the life if all you could keep is regret and all you wanted was to live.

38. This life is a preparation to die but don’t forget to live while you are preparing to die.

39. Do take a chance because chance only comes by chance.

40. Suffering not only makes you strong, it also makes you hard. The more you cry the less you feel like crying.

41. We mostly choose bad people in the life and expect good from them.

42. Sharing cheers you up when you want to and sharing tears you down when you have to.

43. Your need makes you weak, so the least you need the stronger you will remain.

44. The trail only fails when you try without God, because the God doesn’t fail.

45. Many people think I am lonely because I am wrong I think they are together because they don’t dare to be right.

46. When your love starts pushing you; you must understand someone is pulling them.

47. Use your life else someone else does.

48. Just knowing about your sins doesn’t make you a saint.

49. Some people are slave of senses, some are slave of people and some are slave of things; what about you?

50. Every day is a judgment day. Everyday you live and everyday you die. You never live forever and you never die forever.

Ultimate Confessions

How much power a confession can bring, you only get to know when you confess. A heart with full of secrets always remains heavy, scared and prefers to live in the darkness. Sometimes you feel like confessing everything you have done and feel light that you could fly in the sky. But you are scared, what if things changes bad to worse instead of bad to good! And you stop yourself and choose to die every day than dying once and for all.

I understand it is not easy to confess and I also understand that life can be even difficult after you have done. But if you see, a life without confession is lived in chaos and waits for the moment so that you can die with peace. We make mistakes, we lie, we do wrongs even when we knew, we do sin, we have done vice, many a times we have compromised the morality, we have been partner in crimes, we have been mean, we have disloyal, we have been cruel, we have been selfish, we have been happy making others sad… and the list goes on. But what really stops us that the moment I confess I will become a fallen one but perhaps we forget that how fallen you can become among fallen people. People are not saint and the ones who are will never let you feel that you are fallen. Don’t find a solid reason or chance to confess, confession itself is the biggest reason to confess and every breath is a last chance to confess.

Please write your name, place, what you do and your confessions and the person you feel like confessing before. Thank you for this daring step.

Lessons of life

I am sure life has taught you many lessons but I am also sure that all of those lessons are not worth sharing. But, I know and I am sure that there are many lessons that you always wish you could share it with world. I understand that learning a lesson is a very painful journey and the best way to honor your pain is to make sure that no one else goes through the same pain as you have.

It is very possible that the lesson you learned is much bigger than you could ever discover. So let the world have a chance to see how much they can learn from the lessons of your life. Let’s see how many more lives can be saved from going through the same pain and suffering as you have.

Please write your name, place, what you do and your lessons that life has taught you. And we will post it here. Remember! Your past is not bad if it makes someone’s present better. Have a good day and hurt no one.

Guideline – please write the message as short as possible.

Teachings – One

                                                                                            By – Suveen Kumar

You are limited edition with the limitless limits. It is not the end of the sky it is end of your sight, it is not the end of the sound it is the end of your ability to hear, it is not the end of the talk it is the end of your knowledge, it is not the end of the discovery it is the end of your curiosity. You and your possessions are limited, only nature is limitless and that’s why life is called a journey not a destination. There is a world beyond this world and a life beyond this life.

Only learning tells you what you don’t know. The more you learn the more you know what you don’t know. Speaking is the weakness, silence is the strength. Everything is speaking around you but it is very noisy inside. Stop running! You can’t run faster than time. Don’t have vanity of what you have, you can’t be fortunate than fate. Don’t go running after happiness, it never walks alone, it is always with sorrow. Remember! You didn’t earn this life, it is given to you. So do something this good in life that you don’t regret if you are given another one.