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About Us

‘ Your Hope Line is an Emotional Support Center. This offers free faith-based telephonic, face to face and web-based counselling. This is a service to humanity and takes no fee or charge at any stage of counselling. Though we have helped thousands of people since our inception in 2014. However, it is important to take a note and know that Your Hope Line counsellors are not certified counsellors and the practice of counselling at Your Hope Line is absolutely faith and opinion-based. We are here to listen to you and support you in your difficult time. We give you some hope and options to live though your bad times. If you want to stay hopeful and share some hope with your loved ones then you can download our Android App Your Hope Line and can stay connected with us through YHL RADIO where we keep broadcasting the solutions of your life challenges. You can also listen to YHL MUSIC that only plays the songs and music to help you through your difficult times and keeps you moving. You can also read YHL TEACHINGS that has finest messages and statements to heal you and help you get back on the track. You can also take an appointment with one of our hope coaches through this App. Your Hope Line has a pure purpose to help people in their difficult times and has no other immediate or ultimate motives. Just in case you are wondering that where does the finance come to run Your Hope Line, then we would like to clarify that it is run by a few individuals with their personal financial and other support. So, come let us know how you feel and spread the word if we have been able to take your pain away and bring some smile on your face. Let’s make us feel proud. Love you!