Teachings – One

                                                                                            By – Suveen Kumar

You are limited edition with the limitless limits. It is not the end of the sky it is end of your sight, it is not the end of the sound it is the end of your ability to hear, it is not the end of the talk it is the end of your knowledge, it is not the end of the discovery it is the end of your curiosity. You and your possessions are limited, only nature is limitless and that’s why life is called a journey not a destination. There is a world beyond this world and a life beyond this life.

Only learning tells you what you don’t know. The more you learn the more you know what you don’t know. Speaking is the weakness, silence is the strength. Everything is speaking around you but it is very noisy inside. Stop running! You can’t run faster than time. Don’t have vanity of what you have, you can’t be fortunate than fate. Don’t go running after happiness, it never walks alone, it is always with sorrow. Remember! You didn’t earn this life, it is given to you. So do something this good in life that you don’t regret if you are given another one.