Lessons of life

I am sure life has taught you many lessons but I am also sure that all of those lessons are not worth sharing. But, I know and I am sure that there are many lessons that you always wish you could share it with world. I understand that learning a lesson is a very painful journey and the best way to honor your pain is to make sure that no one else goes through the same pain as you have.

It is very possible that the lesson you learned is much bigger than you could ever discover. So let the world have a chance to see how much they can learn from the lessons of your life. Let’s see how many more lives can be saved from going through the same pain and suffering as you have.

Please write your name, place, what you do and your lessons that life has taught you. And we will post it here. Remember! Your past is not bad if it makes someone’s present better. Have a good day and hurt no one.

Guideline – please write the message as short as possible.