Let Me Say Thank You

We all come across a  people whose love and support can never be compensated no matter how much we do for them and it is not about the amount of help they do, it is about the time when no one else but them was there for you. It is so bad that we never even think of compensating and the worst is that we never find out some moments in life to say them thank you for what they did for you.


It’s possible that your relation with that person has been changed but don’t forget it’s not about the person they are it is about the person they used to be and sometimes merely some words of gratitude may bring the things back that you never thought you could ever have.


I understand, many a times it is not you but your ego in other words your pseudo-self esteem stops you to be thankful and they way it keeps you thankless forever and ever.


Please write your name, place, what you do and your gratitude for the person you want to say thank you. Remember! It may be a very small that you thought you could do anytime but may be it was the only thing they have been waiting every time. Thank you for thinking to pay back who never claimed of anything they have given to you.


Have A Good Day,

Suveen Kumar

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