Ultimate Confessions

How much power a confession can bring, you only get to know when you confess. A heart with full of secrets always remains heavy, scared and prefers to live in the darkness. Sometimes you feel like confessing everything you have done and feel light that you could fly in the sky. But you are scared, what if things changes bad to worse instead of bad to good! And you stop yourself and choose to die every day than dying once and for all.

I understand it is not easy to confess and I also understand that life can be even difficult after you have done. But if you see, a life without confession is lived in chaos and waits for the moment so that you can die with peace. We make mistakes, we lie, we do wrongs even when we knew, we do sin, we have done vice, many a times we have compromised the morality, we have been partner in crimes, we have been mean, we have disloyal, we have been cruel, we have been selfish, we have been happy making others sad… and the list goes on. But what really stops us that the moment I confess I will become a fallen one but perhaps we forget that how fallen you can become among fallen people. People are not saint and the ones who are will never let you feel that you are fallen. Don’t find a solid reason or chance to confess, confession itself is the biggest reason to confess and every breath is a last chance to confess.

Please write your name, place, what you do and your confessions and the person you feel like confessing before. Thank you for this daring step.